Cheshire Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership

From being principally strategic bodies intended to give a voice to business in the identification of economic priorities, LEPs now have responsibility for significant amounts of public money.

In Cheshire and Warrington this includes over £200m from the Local Growth Fund to support a range of infrastructure, skills and innovation projects, unlocking a further £380 million of public and private investment over the next 10 years. The ‘pinchpoint’ scheme in Birchwood Park, the new Chester Bus Interchange and the Intelligent Energy Demonstrator project at the Thornton Science Park are the first visible examples of the impact of this funding.

Almost all of the £123 million of European Structural Investment Funds allocated to Cheshire and Warrington has been committed or provisionally allocated, delivering a range of projects aimed at supporting SMEs, encouraging innovation, helping the development and adoption of low carbon technologies, and providing support for residents to enhance their skills and work readiness.

Although currently small in overall GVA and employment terms, as a largely rural geography Agri-tech and Food have been identified through the Northern Independent Economic Review as having growth potential for Cheshire and Warrington. The area has well-developed Agriculture, Dairy and Food Production sectors, and companies such as Fayrefield Foods (Crewe), Meadow Foods (Chester) and County Milk Products (Wilmslow) are amongst the largest independent dairy companies in the UK.

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