Pershore College

Pershore College, part of WCG - A national centre for horticulture situated on a 60-hectare site near Evesham, Pershore College offers the very best in land-based learning.

The Agri-Tech Centre at Pershore combines state of the art equipment, laboratory, teaching facilities and a brand new STEM Centre.  The combination of facilities and industry expertise enables us to increase our course provision, engage with young people from schools and colleges across Worcestershire and provide support for businesses in the Agri-Tech sector.  

Our key objectives for the Agri-Tech Centre are to create a facility that will develop and demonstrate accessible, portable and scalable Agri-Tech to;

  • Inspire students to engage in the sector using Agri-Tech to challenge existing perceptions of the horticulture sector. 

  • Attract tech savvy students into the industry by broadening our curriculum portfolio to include new Horticulture, Technology & Innovation courses including apprenticeships.

  • Raise the profile of our resource to growers, to encourage them to modernise their businesses through the use of technology.

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business by the application of Agri-Tech via project based learning.

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