XAG and Harper Adams University partnership

The National Centre for Precision Farming (NCPF) at Harper Adams University and XAG, one of the world’s largest drone and robot company, have recently formed a strategic academic and research partnership.

XAG, a Chinese company which was founded in 2007, focuses on agricultural automation and research and development of unmanned devices. XAG is one of the world’s largest agricultural drone manufactures with a large-scale manufacturing and operational centre in China.

Over a period of 12 months XAG crop-spraying drones have flown 1.7 million times in total, served more than 700,000 Chinese farmers covering two million hectares of land.

Justin Gong, Co-Founder and Vice President of XAG, said: “As the strategic partnership has been officially established, I am sincerely looking forward to the collaborations between XAG and Harper Adams University to develop localised done and robotic solutions which suit the UK and European farmers.

Read more ... https://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/news/203279/xag-and-harper-adams-university-partnership

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